Four Ways to Make Blue Willow Pagoda Cookies

These amazing pagoda cookies showed up on Pinterest. While trying to find how they are made, I found a lot of other ways to make pagoda and blue willow cookies.

Step-by-step video shows how to decorate cookies using IOD Stamps

Soft Gel Paste Stamp Decorated Cookies

This might be the simplest way to decorate cookies with blue willow designs. Designs can be stamped onto a cookie using food colored thin frosting.

Iron Orchid Design IOD Chinoiserie Toile Stamps

You can find the recipe, step-by-step directions and videos at
Iron Orchid Design: Too Pretty to Eat! Cookie Decorating for Beginners with IOD Stamps

Pagoda stamp from Stampin’ Up! Power of Hope Stamp Set

If you are like me, you probably already have some Blue Willow and Pagoda stamps you can use.

Pagoda stamp available in two sizes from Azeeda

If you don’t have a pagoda stamp, you can find them.

Cookies with Blue Willow Drawings

Decorate Cookies with Pagodas Using Edible Ink Markers

If you are talented, you can use edible ink markers to decorate the cookies yourself. A lot of companies make them.

Wilton Food Writer Edible Color Markers

Wilton has FoodWriter Color Edible Markers in Bold, Fine Tip and Extra Fine Tip.

Cookies with Blue Willow Drawings

I never did find out who did these cookies. They look more like they are hand painted.

Shortbread cookie made with Moon Cake Mold or Cookie Press

Mold to make Pagoda Shortbread Cookies

Moon cakes are a traditional Chinese thing. They are made using a mold that you can use instead with the dough for shortbread cookies.

Moon Cake Mold or Cookie Press

The mold comes with different inserts to make different imprints.

Pagoda and Cherry Blossom molded motif made with Moon Cake Mold or Cookie Press

People use these to make soap or cookies. The molds aren’t expensive and there are a lot of different decorations available.

Chinoiserie molded motif made with Moon Cake Mold or Cookie Press

It may take a few tries to get it to work for you. Keeping the dough cold enough makes all the difference.

Moon Cakes with Pagodas

You can color inside the mold before you press the cookies to get this 3-D painted look.

Foose Pagoda Cookie Cutter

Pagoda Cookie Cutters

You can use a pagoda cookie cutter to make pagoda-shaped cookies. You can leave them plain, but they are fun to decorate.

Lulukuku has a few sets of Chinoiserie cookie cutters. There are two versions of the pagoda cookie cutters.  You can find them at Lulukuku Chinoiserie Cookie Cutters.

Lulukuku Chinoiserie Detail Pagoda Cookie Cutter

Lulukuku Chinoiserie Detail Pagoda Cookie Cutter

This version is a set of “detail” cutters. In addition to cutting out the shape of your cookies, the details will impress a design onto each cookie to give you guides for icing. Or you can skip the icing and just have a pretty impression stamped on your un-iced sugar cookies.

Lulukuku Chinoiserie Detail Pagoda Cookie Cutter

Lulukuku Chinoiserie Outline Pagoda Cookie Cutter

These are our “outline” Chinoiserie cookie cutters (without details inside). This version allows you to use your imagination to decorate each cookie with any design of your choice.

Patricia O’Brien & Co. Chinoiserie Cookies made using Lulukuku pagoda and ginger jar cookie cutters

Patricia O’Brien & Co. made these cookies using Lulukuku pagoda and ginger jar cookie cutters. She is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can see more of her work at Patricia O’Brien & Co.

Pagoda Cookies made by Lorena Rodríguez, Lorena’s Sweets

Silicone Molds and Fondant

These are amazing! They are made by Lorena Rodríguez, Lorena’s Sweets in Escazu, Costa Rica.

Ginger Jar and Pagoda Cookies made by Lorena Rodríguez, Lorena’s Sweets

I found her on Facebook: Lorena Rodríguez on Facebook.

She has recipes and instructions on her website: Lorena’s Sweets. She sells kits and gives on-line classes.

Lorena’s Sweets Cookie Decoration Kit

Her kits are sold on Amazon. The kits include cookie cutters, silicone molds, recipes and instructions. Lorena’s Sweets Cookie Decoration Kits on Amazon >

This product is designed to enable the client to produce professional looking cookies. Cookie cutters for cutting shapes out of cookie dough and silicone molds for shaping fondant. The suggested design may be reproduced in a variety of colors. In some cases a tip for icing is included. Instructions and basic recipes are also included.

Pagoda Shape Silicone Mold

You can buy other pagoda-shaped silicone molds that are food grade, made for ice.

Silicone Fondant Molds

You can use fondant molds to shape the fondant, then apply it to the cookies cut out with the pagoda cookie cutter. Trim to fit.

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