Laser Cut Calendars Reveal 3D Pagoda Scenes

Beautiful blue lighted pagoda revealed in a 3D calendar

Aren’t these beautiful? They are calendars. Paper is carefully laser cut so that as you pull off pages of the calendar, a beautiful little scene is revealed. Some of them have LED lights in them, too.

The calendar pages are laser cut to tear away carefully, leaving a 3-D sculpture. It includes a transparent box to hold the pad. Once the sculpture is revealed, the box turns over to create a display case. All of the pieces come come in a gift box.

LED lighting reveals the inner details of these unique works of art.

The pagodas and buildings, tree and mountain scene are revealed first, then the under water scene with koi fish is revealed.

There are a lot of different variations. I especially like the ones that have a detailed Asian scene.

Detail of the pagodas and buildings, tree and mountain on the tear away 3D Calendar

As you pull away the pages of this calendar, you gradually reveal the scene with the tree and mountain, then the pagodas.

Detail of the koi, lily pads and water on the tear away 3D Calendar

Next the underwater scene is displayed, complete with lily pads and koi fish.

3D calendar horizonal block pad.

The calendar begins as just a block pad of paper. Most of them lay on the desk horizontally, like this.

3D Calendar with vertical block pad

Some of the calendars are designed to stand up, like this. Then the 3D scene is gradually displayed as you pull off each page.

Detail of the pagoda and scene on a 3D calendar that stands vertically

Look at all the detail! You can see the colors of the pages. Each feature in the design stands out as the scene comes into view.

Each 3D calendar comes in a gift box.

Some come with a presentation style give box and stand on a base.

Each piece of paper is laser cut with the date and cuts to make it easy to tear away each page to reveal the pagoda.

The date is displayed on the calendar in different ways. You can see how deep the cuts are, so you won’t accidentally destroy the design as you pull the pages away.

This red pagoda with a blue tile roof is revealed as the pages are removed. This one has a light inside it that shows through the windows.

After all of the dates and pages are pulled away, you have a finished piece. See all the detail in this pagoda?

Lighted 3D calendar in display case

This pagoda 3D calendar has 3D lights and a display case. Around it are some of the pages that have been pulled off to reveal the pagoda.

Different versions of the 3D calendars present the date differently.

This is the way this date is cut into the calendar.

Tear away calendar reveals pagoda with trees and clouds on the background

There are a lot of different scenes. Many of them come in a choice of colors.

Once you have pulled away all of the pages of this calendar, you are left with this amazingly detailed scene of a pagoda style palace with a dragon.

Some are WAY more detailed than others. This scene, with a dragon curled around a pagoda palace, is just amazingly detailed.

The cuts are complete, so you won’t accidentally tear off part of the design.

The tear-offs are very deep. You won’t accidentally tear off the whole sheet, ruining the final design.

Some calendar pages have laser cut details on them after they are torn out.

Some of the pages have extra little details.

Some calendar pages have laser cut details on them after they are torn out.

Some pages have an additional little piece of artwork to enjoy throughout the year. Not every calendar has these extra features.

Some calendar page tear offs have laser cut designs to be used as book marks.

Other calendars have laser cut bookmarks on some of the pages, where the design has enough space for them to fit.

The date is laser cut into each tear away page.

Most of the pages that tear off are just the part that needs to be removed to make the design.

Lighted 3D calendar
Some 3D calendars have LEDs, batteries and an on/off switch to light the revealed scene from within.

Many of the calendars are designed to be lighted from inside. The base holds batteries and has a switch to control internal LED lights.

This vertical calendar reveals this amazing scene with a pagoda and dragon.

These calendars are beautiful all year long. Even before the first page is removed, the presentation is just lovely. Not every calendar comes with every feature.

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