Picture Lighting: The Basics

House of Troy Classic Traditional Picture Lights are available in LED or incandescent.
They come in 10 finishes in lengths from 5” to 42”. The head swivels and pivots. The arm telescopes from 5” to 7”.

Picture lights are ideal to highlight artwork or other special objects. It is functional and decorative.

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Blue and White French Bistro Chairs

French Bistro Chairs

French Bistro Chairs were traditionally made of bentwood, bamboo or rattan with a cheerful woven back and seat.

Newer versions can be found made with aluminum frames and PE (polyethylene) wicker that looks like wicker but can live outdoors without fading or rotting.

In blue and white, these chairs are country, coastal or traditional. Continue reading

Octopus Lighting

Blue and Purple Octopus Tentacle Coming Through a Porthole Wall Sconce Light

I was trying to find an octopus chandelier. I saw one, but I could not find it for sale anywhere. But, I found many octopus wall sconces and octopus table lamps in two styles and four variations.

There are a lot of octopus wall sconces available, but they all seem to be these three variations. Continue reading

Thomas Paul Octopus Area Rugs

nuLOOM Thomas Paul Octopus Vineyard Area Rug in Multi

Adding an octopus or three is a fun way to add some personality to your home. Whether they are realistic or futuristic, fanciful and colorful or something from a Jules Verne illustration, there are so many ways to add character to your home with an octopus. Continue reading

Get Rid of Dimmer Buzz and Hum

Is there an annoying buzz or hum in your house?

Do you have a buzz or hum? Here’s how to track it down and get rid of it.

I want control over my light levels and I love dimmers. I have them all over the house. But one problem with dimmers can be buzz. Even if the buzz doesn’t sound like it comes from the dimmer, the dimmer most likely is the culprit. Continue reading

Antler Chandeliers

Jonathan Y Eldora Antler Chandelier
Cast Resin hand finished to look like natural antlers

I overheard a couple in a lighting store super offended about an antler chandelier. It wasn’t even natural antler, it was made from cast resin.

They thought that deer had died to make the chandelier.* They compared it to killing elephants for the ivory. Continue reading

Brighten the Night with Cafe Lights and String Lights

Enbrighten Classic LED Café String Lights run to an outdoor fireplace

We just got some Adirondack chairs and a fire pit to enjoy in back of our new house. Nothing as ambitious as this outdoor fireplace, but I want to do something a little more than the chairs on the grass we have now.

This time of year it stays light really late, but when it gets cool enough to really enjoy our fire pit, it’s going to be really dark back by the brook where I want it.

I am figuring out how to add some light that will look good day and night.

We had string lights for the porch of our log cabin. I used to have to replace them nearly every year until I bought Enbrighten cafe lights. They are still there and still working, but I can’t take them. The cabin is a vacation rental now and people use the lights. Continue reading