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Chinese Blue and White Reticulated Fretwork Porcelain Lighting

After I looked at the Chinese Blue and White Reticulated Fretwork Porcelain vases, Amazon showed me lighting with the porcelain used as the shades or diffusers.

Blue and White Porcelain Pendant Light with Detailed Cutout Shade

There are a lot of options available. You can find shades in different sizes and shapes. The socket sets, cords or chains and canopies come in different finishes, colors and styles.

Blue and White Detailed Cutout Porcelain Shade Pendant Lights on Amazon

Chinese Porcelain with Detailed Cutwork Creates a Beautiful Pendant Shade

There are a lot of different patterns and colors available in both under-glaze stains like porcelain and over-glaze paints. Some pieces combine both techniques along with the beautiful pierced work.

Blue, Red and Yellow on White Detailed Cutout Porcelain Shade Pendant Lights on Amazon

Chinese Porcelain Diffuses Light
Cutwork Allows Light to Shine Through

Porcelain is naturally translucent, so the shade itself will glow when lit. The pierced latticework allows even more light to shine through.

Cobalt Blue on White Porcelain with Pierced Pattern Creates a Pendant Shade

When the light is not on, the cobalt and white will create a bright pop of color.

Chinese Porcelain Pendants with Hollow Carved Design

If you use a warm bulb, the porcelain will take on the color. If you use a cool LED, the white will stay white.

Chinese Porcelain Ceiling Pendants with Fretwork

This pair of pendants comes in bright overglaze polychrome decoration or underglaze cobalt blue on white.

Blue and White Porcelain with Openwork Cutouts Creates a Beautiful Lighting Shade

The color is applied transfer. The cutwork is hand done using a machine.

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Chinese Lighting Canopy

Compare the hardware. The same shades are available in different finishes, with cords or chains, more modern or Scandinavian canopies or Oriental-looking canopies.

Chinese Porcelain with Detailed Reticulated Cutwork Pendant Shade

Some of the cut out reticulated porcelain is very detailed.

Pierced Porcelain Pattern

Other pieces have a more simple pierced pattern.

Chinese Porcelain with Pierced Pattern Diffuses the Light

Some lighting incorporates a porcelain shade into a more detailed light.

White Porcelain with Cobalt Blue Pattern and Chrysanthemum Pierced Cutwork

This is the cutwork on shade the ring-shaped small chandelier with branches, leaves and a bird.

Chinese Porcelain Ceiling Light with Detailed Cutwork

This ceiling light is a modified lotus shape. See the petals? The blue over-glaze painting is highlighted with gold.

Ceiling Light with Chinese Blue and White Reticulated Fretwork Porcelain Shade

This is a traditional blue and white floral pattern.

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