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Kitchen Lighting – Is your kitchen bright enough?

Is your kitchen bright enough?

“Many older kitchens aren’t bright enough after the sun goes down. The most pleasant kitchen lighting comes from several sources. Lighting designers classify kitchen lighting as either task lighting, general – or ambient lighting – lighting, or accent lighting. That doesn’t mean you need three different types of fixtures; many light fixtures can handle more than one lighting job at a time.”

The Kitchen Idea Book, Joanne Kellar Bouknight

This is my kitchen. It’s a tiny little kitchen, but I still have a ceiling light over the sink, light and vent from microwave over stove, undercabinet lighting in the corner, so I can measure coffee in the morning, a lighted ceiling fan, light from the window and the sky light and the three pendants over the bar.

My Kitchen

My Kitchen

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Monorail Track Lighting – The Basics

Flex Track or Monorail Lighting Systems are a type of Track Lighting. A continuous rail conducts electricity from a single source. Pendants or fixtures may be attached anywhere along this track. There are a lot of choices in track, fixtures and pendants.

Track lighting fixtures for standard track lighting and monorail are available in incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and LED. Fixture extensions can be added to bring a fixture lower. Line voltage fixtures must be used on line voltage track. Low voltage fixtures with incorporated transformers may be used on line voltage track as well. Low voltage track uses low voltage fixtures.

A wide variety of filters, lenses, shades, shields and accessories are available.

Monorail Kits

Complete MonoRail Kits have all the hardware you need for most basic layouts and include pendants or fixtures.

Complete MonoRail Kits have all the hardware you need for most basic layouts and include pendants or fixtures.

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Desk Lamps

The right light makes all the difference in your home office. You need a desk lamp that is truly adjustable. When you adjust it, it should stay adjusted! You need to be able to position it to easily see your papers without glare and without reflections from your monitor. You should be able to adjust it without burning yourself. The light should not shine directly into your eyes. The right lighting in your office can keep you from getting headaches and eyestrain. Continue reading

The Basics of Track Lighting

The Basics of Track Lighting

Track Lighting Heads

Various Track Lighting Heads

Track Lighting consists of a continuous track that conducts electricity from a single source. Fixtures may be attached anywhere along this track.

Track can be mounted to

    • Ceilings
    • Walls
  • Drywall
  • Plaster
  • Wood
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Along architectural elements
  • Suspended from rods or cables
  • Sloped ceilings

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Bruck Lighting’s New GalaxZ Simplifies Daylight Harvesting

Bruck Lighting’s New GalaxZ Simplifies Daylight Harvesting

Daylight Harvesting means using as much natural sunlight as possible instead of electric lighting. Of course this uses less energy and costs less money. Win-Win! Continue reading

Simple Kit to Convert Recessed Lighting to LED

Hallway with Eurofase 25081 6" LED Conversion Kit

Hallway with Eurofase 25081 6″ LED Conversion Kit

Convert your existing recessed lighting to super energy efficient LED with a new easy-to-use kit from Eurofase.

The kit includes everything you need to convert a typical 6 inch recessed can that uses a 150W Incandescent R40 to PAR 38 bulb. The LED driver is powered by screwing into the bulb socket. The 14W LED SHARP 120V/277V LED is provided.

The LED Kelvin 3500K emits a warm white light.

The beam angle is adjustable up to 120 degrees to highlight artwork or graze walls. Continue reading

Where to Position Recessed Lighting

WAC HR-LED421-WT/WT LEDme Downlights

WAC HR-LED421-WT/WT LEDme Downlights 4 inch LED Recessed Downlights light a contemporary bathroom.

Recessed lighting is an excellent choice for lighting that can work with any interior. Because you see the effects of the lighting, without seeing the fixtures, recessed lighting is an investment that continues to work as your taste and style evolve.

Some people think of them as boring, but used effectively these lights can create a sense of drama by leaving the ceiling and upper walls dark while providing direct light.

If you include recessed lighting in your lighting plan, you have fewer limitations on other lighting. You can create a mood with a lower light chandelier or pendant, but still have enough light when you need it. Continue reading

Well Planned Lighting

Square Walnut QisDesign SWPA01-F Piano Floor

Square Walnut QisDesign SWPA01-F Piano Floor

Don’t think of lighting as an afterthought. The right lighting is one of the most fundamental elements in interior design.

The wrong lighting can completely destroy the impact of even the most well thought out design.

Good lighting makes your room more functional and more beautiful. Providing the right lighting allows you to enjoy using your room without eye strain or glare. Effective lighting can emphasize attractive architecture and camouflage less appealing elements.

Well planned lighting is the most effective way to bring out the best in your room. Continue reading