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Bruck Lighting’s New GalaxZ Simplifies Daylight Harvesting

Bruck Lighting’s New GalaxZ Simplifies Daylight Harvesting

Daylight Harvesting means using as much natural sunlight as possible instead of electric lighting. Of course this uses less energy and costs less money. Win-Win!

Daylight Harvesting lighting control systems dim or switch off electric lighting when there is more natural sunlight.

Bruck Lighting’s New GalaxZ

Control in commercial applications is crucial to sustainable lighting design. GalaxZ fulfills the LEED® requirements for efficiency with the use of individual integrated Daylight harvesting sensor and drivers without the need for extensive wiring installation or expensive commissioning.

GalaxZ is ideal for general lighting applications where 54w T5HO would be used. A raceway design along a linear line voltage track or canopy mount can illuminate retail, hospital, school cafeteria and classrooms, hallways, grocery store isles, conference tables, office or warehouse low bay applications.

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