Track Lighting – Lots of Light for Any Style Kitchen

Are you trying to get a lot of light where you want it in your kitchen? One option is track lighting.

Just replace whatever light is already there with track. You can aim the light wherever you want. You can even add more light.

You don’t want to overload the circuit. It’s not just annoying to be constantly popping breakers, it really is a fire hazard. Check how many things are already on that breaker. How many watts are on the light you are replacing? You know you can go that high. With new high efficiency LED lamps, you can get a lot of light with very little electricity.

An Ideal Setting by Annie Graves Jewelry Artist Carolyn Morris Bach transforms an overgrown 18th-century cape into a polished work-and-living space. Yankee magazine September/October 2017

An Ideal Setting by Annie Graves
Jewelry Artist Carolyn Morris Bach transforms an overgrown 18th-century cape into a polished work-and-living space.
Yankee magazine September/October 2017

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Perfect Measurements – Universal Rules for a Solid Floor Plan

Vern Yip’s Design Wise

Vern Yip’s Design Wise

House Beautiful June 2017 regular article Master Class is by Vern Yip.

Master Class
Vern Yip On Perfect Measurements

“I used to be a premed student and was deep in that world of science and math,” says the Atlanta designer. “I’m still equally left- and right-brained. People often tell me they feel design paralysis, thinking designers are magical unicorns pulling things out of the clouds – we are not! So much of what we do is standardized and logical, especially because most people don’t buy custom furniture. Whether you rent a studio or own a 60,000-square-foot mansion, these rules on dimensions are universal: You can lay out a solid floor plan.”

Vern Yip’s book, Design Wise has all the rules logically explained, with plenty of pictures to illustrate the point. You can search inside the book on Amazon. Continue reading

Coordinate Your Metal Finishes

From traditional to eclectic, no matter what style you choose, coordinating your metal finishes can make all the difference in pulling a look together.

There are more choices than ever in metal finishes. Brass, bronze, chrome, nickel and stainless in bright polished or matte brushed finish, each sets its own style.

Then there are custom painted finishes to really personalize your look.
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Easy to Install Kichler LED Tape Light

Kitchen with Kichler® LED Tape

Easy to Install Kichler LED Tape Light

Kichler LED Tape Light is an excellent product!

  • Installer friendly
  • Plug-and-play power supply
  • 3M™ brand adhesive backing
  • Many available additional accessories
  • Dimmable tape light power supply
  • In-wall rated wires are out of view (and costs less than competitive wire options)

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New Monorail Kits from Tech Lighting

Monorail lighting is a great choice for many homes.

If you are looking for a simple monorail layout, a monorail kit might work for you. These kits have all of the hardware you need for most basic layouts and include pendants or fixtures.

Tech Lighting now has these great new kits!

Tech Lighting 800RAL28 Onyx Rail Complete Monorail Kit

Tech Lighting’s 800RAL28 Monorail kit has two pendants and two heads made with natural onyx. The metal hardware is finished in antique bronze. Continue reading

Kitchen Lighting – Is your kitchen bright enough?

Is your kitchen bright enough?

“Many older kitchens aren’t bright enough after the sun goes down. The most pleasant kitchen lighting comes from several sources. Lighting designers classify kitchen lighting as either task lighting, general – or ambient lighting – lighting, or accent lighting. That doesn’t mean you need three different types of fixtures; many light fixtures can handle more than one lighting job at a time.”

The Kitchen Idea Book, Joanne Kellar Bouknight

This is my kitchen. It’s a tiny little kitchen, but I still have a ceiling light over the sink, light and vent from microwave over stove, undercabinet lighting in the corner, so I can measure coffee in the morning, a lighted ceiling fan, light from the window and the sky light and the three pendants over the bar.

My Kitchen

My Kitchen

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Make any room feel bigger

November 2014 Redbook has a great article in the Design School series.

Make any room feel bigger Tiny space? No problem. Listen to this wisdom and you’ll swear that someone snuck in and added some serious square footage to your home.

Redbook Design School series November 2014

Make any room feel bigger

Tiny space? No problem. Listen to this wisdom and you’ll swear that someone snuck in and added some serious square footage to your home.

  1. Opt for a dark accent wall-it will make that area recede and the room look larger.
  2. Mirrors reflect light and create the appearance of more depth.
  3. Limit big bold prints to throw pillows or small furniture ranther than dominant pieces like the sofa.
  4. Go for glass or acrylic tables. Because you can see through them, they don’t take up any visual space.
  5. Light it up! Dim areas disappear, so add lamps or sconces (to free up floor space) in at least three corners.
  6. Another way to open up a room: Buy curtains and paint bookshelves in similar tones as the wall. They’ll blend in, creating a streamlined effect.
  7. Play with scale. A tiny room full of tiny furniture appears even smaller than it is.
  8. Floor to ceiling drapes draw the eye upward, making the ceiling seem higher.
  9. The low profile of backless seating-think poufs, X-benches, and garden stools-won’t add visual clutter.
  10. Invest in a large area rug. Your eye naturally goes to the outer edges which maximizes your square footage.

Experts Elaine Griffin, Libby Langdon, Janet Lee.
Illustration by Kate Francis


Lamps and sconces come in such a wide variety of styles to coordinate with any interior.

Wall Sconces & Brackets

Antique Reproduction Sconces Antique Reproduction Sconces These wall sconces coordinate with Old World Antiques or Antique Reproduction furnishings. These sconces incorporate elements from a variety of historical sources.
Antique Reproduction Brackets Antique Reproduction BracketsDrawn from historic sources, these wall brackets work with a variety of formal or traditional interiors. Look for iron, gold or silver finish in patinaed metal or painted finish.
Art Deco Sconces Art Deco Sconces
These sconces coordinate with a variety of Art Deco era interiors.
Antique Reproduction Large Pendants Art Deco Brackets Ranging from elegant to rustic, these brackets coordinate with a variety of Art Deco interiors.
Art Nouveau Sconces Art Nouveau Sconces These wall sconces draw from the organic curvilinear sources of the Art Nouveau style. They are available in a variety of finishes and motifs to coordinate with many romantic or dramatic interiors.
Art Nouveau Brackets Art Nouveau Brackets This collection of Art Nouveau brackets coordinates with many interiors. Beautifully unique, these brackets are works of art.
Contemporary Sconces Contemporary Sconces These sconces are a beautiful addition to your contemporary interior design.
Contemporary Brackets Contemporary Brackets This collection of wall brackets demonstate the range of choices that coordinate with a contemporary interior.
Contemporary Wall Lamps Contemporary Wall Lamps Use this wall mounted lighting in place of a Table Lamp for statement making light sources.
Eclectic Sconces Eclectic Sconces This collection of unique and fun sconces may be just what you are looking for if you want something special, something different.
Eclectic Brackets Eclectic Brackets Eclectic wall bracket sconces come in a variety of choices. Playful or natural, modern or historic, these sconces all are a breath of fresh air. If you want your interior to stand out, look at these eclectic options.
Modern Sconces Modern Sconces Closet to the wall than brackets, Modern Sconces feature chrome and glass or other materials to give a modern or ultra modern feel to your residential or commercial interior.
Modern Brackets Modern Brackets Modern wall brackets combine brushed steel, chrome and glass in clean lines for orm and function.
Oriental Sconces & Brackets Oriental Sconces & Brackets These wall sconces and brackets draw on a variety of oritental motifs. From Japanese linear to ornate Chinese, these sconces bring an Eastern edge to your decor.
Rustic Sconces Rustic Sconces These wall sconces coordinate with your rustic interior.
Rustic Brackets Rustic Brackets These wall brackets bring fun rustic style to your room.
Traditional Brackets Traditional Brackets These wall brackets in metal finishes coordinate beautifully with a traditional, Early American or conservative interior.
Transitional Sconces Transitional Sconces These sconces combine elements of traditional and conteporary. This comfortable current style will coordinate with today’s interiors.
Transitional Pool table & Island Lights Transitional Brackets These casual wall brackets bring light to your bath, entry, stair well or other areas. Transitional style works with many interiors.
Alabaster Sconces Alabaster Sconces Natural alabaster makes a beautiful addition to your home. Diffusing the light through the natural stone, this durable material is a good choice for residential or commercial application.
Crystal Sconces Crystal Sconces Crystal is always a classic. This page features wall sconces in a variety of styles, all dressed in crystal. These sophisticated wall sconces are a wonderful accessory for your home.
Crystal Brackets Crystal Brackets This collection of crystal wall brackets range from traditional to modern, heirloom to eclectic. Always a classic, beautiful crystal is an instant heirloom.
Nautical Outdoor Lighting Bulkheads Outdoor Wall Sconces & Ceiling LightsBulkheads are versatile durable lights used in industrial or marine environments. They can be used on walls or ceilings. Architects and designers use these to indoors and outdoors to coordinate with a nautical inspired interior or to add a fun feel.
ADA Wall Sconces ADA Wall Sconces These sconces project no more than 4″ from the wall to comply with the ADA, Disabilities Act. Select from a wide range of colors, finishes and styles.
ADA Wall Brackets ADA Wall Brackets Choose from a wide variety of styles of ADA Wall Brackets. These wall brackets meet the specifications of the US Disabilities Act, which requires public accommodations and commercial facitlites to comply with specific guidelines.
Besa ADA Sconces Besa ADA Sconces These sconces from Besa Lighting meet the requirements of the Disabilities Act, they are available in a wide variety of glass choices.
Glass Sconces Glass Sconces This collection of glass wall sconces shows the range available. Browse through the incredible variety of colors and patterns availble.
Glass Brackets Glass Brackets These wall brackets all feature beautiful glass diffusers.
WAC Glass Wall Brackets WAC Lighting Glass Wall Brackets Glass Companion Wall Sconces provide the perfect accent lighting pieces. Because the glass coordinates with the other pieces in the family, a decorative theme can be carried throughout. With over one hundred different styles and colors of glass shades from around the world, WAC offers a comprehensive selection of styles to satisfy even the most demanding designs.
Fluorescent Wall Sconces Fluorescent Wall Sconces Energy Saving Fluorescent wall sconces don’t have to compromise on style.
Wall Spotlights Wall Spotlights Functional and attractive, select from wall spotlights in a variety of styles to suit your taste and style.
Large Scale Sconces Large Scale Sconces Up to four feet tall, these large scale wall sconce make a big statement.
Swing Arm Lamps Swing Arm Lamps Linear, circular or square canopies in Bronze, satin nickel, chrome or other metal finishes suspend an incridible selection of glass diffusers. Select the options that best coordinate with your interior.
Harco Loor Chandeliers Harco Loor SconcesThese exceptional lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured in Harco Loor’s own factory in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Only high quality materials, such as stainless steel and crystals are used.


How High Should My Chandelier Hang?

hookThere are a lot of opinions about what height your chandelier should hang. Your chandelier is the focal point of your dining room. It should not be too high. If you often move the table and you are afraid people will hit their heads on the chandelier, don’t permanently raise the height of your chandelier. Simply pick up an inexpensive S-Hook or Chain Quick Link at Lowes or Home Depot. When you need it raised, just loop up the chain.

Fine Art Lamps 815940 Chandelier from the Villandry Silver Collection

Fine Art Lamps 815940 Chandelier from the Villandry Silver Collection

“Hang at the right height. The bottom of a chandelier should hit about 30″ (36″ at most) above the tabletop. That brings the light close enough for tasks, clears the view for conversation and avoids unflattering shadows.”
Decorating Dos Womans Day February 2012

Harco Loor Jewel Oval Chandelier

Harco Loor Jewel Oval Chandelier
This beautiful eclectic crystal chandelier is available in a variety of sizes. It can be hand twisted to fit your home.

“When I hang a chandelier above a table, I like to have about 66 inches from the floor to the underside of the light fixture. That’s enough room to put a flower arrangement or a centerpiece on the table and sit and talk, but low enough that you still have light hitting the table, giving a glow.”
HGTV Design Star judge Vern Yip, HGTV Magazine

Fine Art Lamps 233540 Pendant from the Black & White Story Collection

This 32″ wide Oriental Pendant from Fine Art Lamp’s Black & White Story Collection is available in black or white satin lacquer finish surrounding a textured white linen shade.

“30-36” Good height for a pendant light above a kitchen island. Offers bright enough task lighting without head/lamp collisions.
“66” Ideal height to hang a chandelier. Measure from the bottom of the fixture to the floor. This leaves enough room for a centerpiece and doesn’t block you line of sight across the table, but still gives you enough light for eating.”
Design by the Numbers HGTV Star judge Vern Yip shares his measurement cheat sheet in HGTV Magazine June 2013

The Basics of Track Lighting

The Basics of Track Lighting

Track Lighting Heads

Track Lighting Heads

Track Lighting consists of a continuous track that conducts electricity from a single source. Fixtures may be attached anywhere along this track.

Track can be mounted to

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Drywall
  • Plaster
  • Wood
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Along architectural elements
  • Suspended from rods or cables
  • Sloped ceilings

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