Modern Wood Lighting from Dezaart’s Design Workshop

DEZAART Lighting Mid Century Wood Pendant

Did you know that you can buy handmade lighting from all over the world on Amazon?

I just found DEZAART handmade wood lighting. It is really cool natural wood that looks like the Modern style lighting from the Modernage Furniture store in Oakland Park Florida.

Dezaart’s Design Workshop Mid Century Modern Wood Lighting on Amazon

Design Workshop from Greece in Agrinio, Greece

Combining industrial aesthetic with contemporary art

– Thanos

Dezaart’s Design Workshop on Amazon

DEZAART Lighting Shadow Pendants

These pendants come in 17″, 20″ and 24″ wide, 8″, 9″ and 10″ high. You can also have custom sizes made.

The are laser cut from 4mm plywood. Most of them have a coordinating wood ceiling canopy.

…MDF coated wood which has been characterized as “green” or environmentally friendly. Our aim is to positively impact the environment wherever possible.

DEZAART Lighting Pendant Kit
Includes all of the parts and instructions to assemble and install

The lights are delivered as a kit. You have to assemble them. The feedback on Amazon has some people astonished and disappointed that they had to assemble it and other people that said it was easy to assemble.

You assemble DEZAART Lighting yourself

So, you are warned. If you are not someone that is comfortable assembling things, these might not be the lights for you.

DEZAART Lighting Casting Shadows Pendant
Creates streams of shadow and light on the ceiling and walls.

This pendant is installed close to the ceiling. I love the way the light casts shadows.

DEZAART Brown Wing Wood Pendant
28″ long x 10″ wide x 10″ high
Overall height is adjustable

The DEZAART Brown Wing Wood Pendant is less modern, more natural contemporary. Each piece is cut from 4mm plywood, then sanded and varnished. It has a black metal ceiling canopy and a fabric covered cord.

DEZAART Lighting Explosion Chandelier
1 x 60 watt Medium base
24″ wide x 20″ high

This one might be my favorite. It is 24″ wide, The “wings” and the ceiling canopy are made of environmentally friendly MDF Coated Wood.

DEZAART Lighting Stalactite Pendant
1 x 60 watt Medium base
7″ wide x 25″ high

The DEZAART Lighting Stalactite Pendant is over two feet high and only 7″ wide. It would be ideal for any room with a higher ceiling.

DEZAART Lighting Stalactite Pendants

They would be great to use in a series. I love the long tube bulb they put in these.

Dezaart Elliptic and Circle Orbit Parametric Lasercut Wood Pendants
DEZAART Lighting

DEZAART Lighting

Welcome to Dezaart’s Design Workshop

Here at Dezaart, our aim is to design from scratch any project that comes to mind up to the last detail of the manufacturing process and having autonomy from production to packaging. That’s why we created our own design workshop to create limitless change. All our products are handmade, designed by us, manufactured in our warehouse in Greece. We use high quality materials and craftsmanship utilizing modern industrial technologies aligned with our customers’ needs.

Dezaart’s Design Workshop on Amazon

Dezaart’s Design Workshop

The studio is in Greece at Chrisostomou Smirnis 11, Agrinio, Etoloakarnania, 30027.
The last time Google drove down the street was 2014.

They can work with you to make custom lighting, too. You can see more on their website and Facebook page.

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