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Juliska Country Estate Delft Blue China

Juliska Country Estate china are illustrated with toile landscape scenes of a farm in France. It is available in pink and grey, but of course I like the delft blue pieces best. Cobalt blue scenes that tell a different story on each piece.

Juliska Country Estate Delft Blue Scalloped Salad plate, cup, saucer and napkin, mixed with Le Panier Dinner plate and accessorized with Natural Bamboo flatware and napkin ring

They have a feel of Blue Willow, but with a very fresh fun French twist. The cobalt blue mixes with other cobalt stained ceramics, like the Le Panier Collection in this photo, also from Juliska.

Juliska makes napkins in the Country Estate print, too. Their bamboo flatware and napkin ring works beautifully.

Juliska Country Estate Delft Blue 5-piece Place Setting with a dinner plate, dessert/salad plate, side/cocktail plate, tea/coffee cup and saucer.

Various scenes are shown on each piece. The dinner plate has the estate Main House. The bread plate shows the stables. The scalloped desert or salad plate has the tea cup and saucer conservatory. The edges of the plates show trees, the hen house and a reading pavilion, with a balloon in the air on the scalloped plates.

Juliska Delft Blue Country Estate Dinner Plate with the Main House, Boathouse, and Apple Orchard

Featuring narratives of the English Countryside… each piece illustrates a little story with little figures accomplishing tasks on the estate.

The dinner plates and bread plates have a smooth edge. The smaller salad or desert plates have a scalloped edge.

Juliska Country Estate Side or Cocktail Plate in Delft Blue with Stable and Golf Hut

The bread plate shows the stables.

Galivant across the fields on your favorite filly from our stables promotes rosy cheeks and stimulates the appetite.

Juliska Country Estate Scalloped Dessert and Salad Plate with Conservatory, Reading Pavilion, Hen House, and Balloon

This scalloped edge small plate shows the conservatory. The hen house and pavilion are on either side of the plate with a balloon in the air.

The Conservatory is a serene place of growth and nurturing, reminding us to spend time with loved ones over al fresco summertime lunches. Our scalloped plate pairs superbly with long conversations and perfumed salads plucked from the herb garden. Or for a solitary respite, spend an afternoon penning sonnets in the Reading Pavilion with a slice of spiced chocolate cake.

Juliska Country Estate Delft Blue Scalloped Salad plate, cup, saucer and napkin, mixed with Le Panier Dinner plate and accessorized with Natural Bamboo flatware and napkin ring

The scallop-edged salad plate with the conservatory, hen house, pavilion and balloon.

Juliska Country Estate Scalloped Plate with Spring Gardening and Chickens
Each plate in our collection highlights a different charming location that you may explore on your walk.

Additional side plates are available showing other scenes. This piece shows workers on farmlands of France going about daily tasks.

Juliska Country Estate Scalloped Plate with Apple Orchard

This piece shows the apple orchard with gardeners and a dog.

Juliska Country Estate Scalloped Plate with Spring Gardening and Chickens

I love the little chickens on these.

Juliska Country Estate Scalloped Plate with Rose Arbor

Two dogs chase across as the gardener walks past the gate to the rose garden with it’s topiary.

Juliska Country Estate Bowls

Juliska Country Estate Berry Bowl with Scalloped edge in Delft Blue with idyllic scenes

There are different sizes and shapes of bowls available, too. The berry bowl has a scalloped edge. It shows scenes including flying a kite and reading in the garden.

Juliska Country Estate Cereal Bowl in Delft Blue with scenes of Hen House, Tea Party Tent, Apple Orchard, and Rose Arbor.

The cereal bowl has the Hen House with chickens inside the bowl with other scenes of the estate around the outside.

Juliska Country Estate Soup Bowl with the Boathouse

The shallow soup bowl has the boathouse with boaters on the inside.

Too much of a good thing is wonderful, like summer splashing, winter skating, and clandestine rendezvous at the boathouse. Ladle your mother’s homemade chicken soup or pasta bolognese into these bowls, which are excellent for generous helpings.

Cups and Mugs

Juliska Country Estate Delft Blue Tea Cup with Tea Party Tent, Reading Pavilion, and Conservatory

This side of the little cup shows the conservatory with a little dog and farm worker.

Juliska Country Estate Delft Blue Cup and Saucer with Kite Fliers

The saucer is illustrated with a kite flier and pheasants.

Juliska Country Estate Mug in Delft Blue decorated with Boathouse, Golf Hut, and Stable

The mug has scenes surrounding it with a little balloon inside.

Juliska Country Estate Ramekin painted with the estate’s landscape on a minuscule scale

These ramekins have show the Main House,  Kite Fliers and the Boathouse around the outside. The inside portrays the Tea Party Tent.

Juliska Country Estate Charger in Delft Blue

The Juliska Country Estate Charger is a larger under-plate with an expanded view of the Main House, Rose Arbor, Apple Orchard, Stable, and Balloon in Delft Blue.

Rolling countryside studded with the estate’s bucolic features on the horizon. Jump on a horse from our stable and gallop over hill and dale for a grand adventure. Whether you are descending from the heavens in a hot air balloon or racing through traffic after a busy day, our handsome charger beckons you to home, hearth, and the abundant fare that the countryside provides.

Juliska Country Estate 16-piece Setting for four includes 4 dinner plates, 4 scalloped dessert/salad plates, 4 cereal bowls, and 4 coffee cups.

The service for four includes bowls and mugs instead of cups and saucers, each with different scenes of life on the estate.

Juliska Country Estate

This enchanting collection depicts different scenes that weave a charming narrative of life on a traditional country estate. A duet with our great friend and renowned artist, Deborah Sears in England, this collection is truly a collection of artwork.

Deborah Sears creates beautiful ceramics inspired by her own collection of 17th and 18th century English Delftware.

Juliska Country Estate


Juliska is a relatively new brand, founded in 2001 by Capucine and her husband David Gooding. The Country Estate Collection is inspired by David’s grandparents estate.

“This house is the center of my inspiration and references for our brand. Nestled in the farmlands of France, it was home to a glamorous Parisian ballet dancer and a dashing gentleman farmer, who married against their parents’ wishes. They broke all the rules and made up their own. They were soulmates, who filled their house with music, art, friends, laughter and nine children. From black tie dinners, to garden parties to family weddings, my grandparents were legendary hosts who created endless memories of love and living boldly.”

Capucine DeWulf Gooding

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