Blue Willow Martini Mixing Glass

Why does James Bond say his martini should be “shaken not stirred”? Because a martini, and any other cocktail that contains mostly alcohol, is traditionally prepared “stirred” with ice in a mixing glass.

Blue Willow Bar Mixing Glass to mix a perfect Martini, Manhattan, Negroni, Boulevardier, or Old Fashioned

This Blue Willow Bar Mixing Glass makes up to four drinks at a time. They are stirred with ice, then strained into the drinking glass.  It holds 600mL or 20oz.

Piña Barware Traditional Blue Willow Pattern Seamless Porcelain Professional Mixing Glass

What drinks are traditionally stirred not shaken? Any mixed drink that is entirely or mostly of alcohol instead of mostly soda or fruit juice is made using a Bar Mixer. The most common are the Martini, Manhattan, Negroni, Boulevardier, or Old Fashioned.

That’s why a Bar Mixer is part of a complete Cocktail Mixer Set.

This opaque ceramic mixing vessel is made of seamless porcelain. You mix drinks with a cocktail stirrer or long spoon. Then pour with ice into glasses or use a strainer to catch the ice.

Piña Barware Traditional Blue Willow Porcelain Bar Mixing Glass

It is 3.25” wide, sized to fit Piña Barware strainers, including all of the Hawthorne and Julep-style strainers.

If you combine ingredients with a long spoon, they will chill and be diluted in a consistent manner. Simply pour the ice and ingredients into the measuring jug and stir until chilled. Pour into your glass with the ice and ingredients.

Blue Willow Bar Mixing Glasses

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