Brighten the Night with Cafe Lights and String Lights

Enbrighten Classic LED Café String Lights run to an outdoor fireplace

We just got some Adirondack chairs and a fire pit to enjoy in back of our new house. Nothing as ambitious as this outdoor fireplace, but I want to do something a little more than the chairs on the grass we have now.

This time of year it stays light really late, but when it gets cool enough to really enjoy our fire pit, it’s going to be really dark back by the brook where I want it.

I am figuring out how to add some light that will look good day and night.

We had string lights for the porch of our log cabin. I used to have to replace them nearly every year until I bought Enbrighten cafe lights. They are still there and still working, but I can’t take them. The cabin is a vacation rental now and people use the lights.

Home School Lessons in Southern Decorating
String Lights for Every Style
Four patterns to get your yard’s evening glow just right
Southern Living June 2021

My Southern Living magazine came yesterday. The feature Home School Lessons in Southern Decorating got me planning again. The article shows four ways to use string lights attached to poles.

We have lights on our porch here, but the cafe and string lights add more ambience than the lights on the porch fans. Using poles, I can use the lights around our fire pit.

Here are some of the ideas I have been saving.

Enbrighten Cafe String Lights along the top of the porch


We plan to hang cafe lights on the edge of the porch. We have been very happy with the Enbrighten lights we got for the cabin, so we plan to use them here at the house.

DBFairy Curtain Lights

I like the fairy light strings, too.

Our lot is on the corner, so one side of the porch is open to the road. I am thinking about curtain lights for that end of the porch. I think it would be a pretty way to add some privacy.

The little fairy curtain lights don’t add much light, but they could add some privacy on that side of the porch.

Enbrighten Commercial Grade Color Changing LED Cafe Lights draped from a pergola


I had a pergola at the back door at a previous house and I did something like this for parties. I used inexpensive lights, so I took them down between parties.

Enbrighten Color-Changing LED Cafe Lights draped from a pergola

I like the way they draped the lights here. It would add more light by making the lights closer.

Solatec Commercial Grade Waterproof LED String Lights attached to a pergola

These lights are attached crossing the pergola beams. These are Solatec String Lights. I have zero experience with Solatec.

Solatec Commercial Grade Waterproof LED String Lights attached to a pergola

The lights are installed pretty close together, so you would get quite a bit of light.

Enbrighten Cafe String Lights run from either side of the back door


This deck has the lights coming from by the back door. The photo doesn’t show what they are attached to on the other side, but it could be a pole or a tree.

Lemontec String Lights run to a pole


This is what the Southern Living article is talking about. The lights are suspended from poles.
A number of light strings can radiate from one pole.

Lemontec String Lights cross pole to pole

These lights are from Lemontec. I don’t know anything about the brand Lemontec.

Lemontec String Lights run pole to pole to illuminate a wedding reception

The poles keep the lights high enough. They look like they run to the tree on the other side.

Enbrighten Commercial Grade LED Cafe Lights suspended from cables over an outside dining area

Here the lights hang from cable.  A metal cable can be tightened more than the powered cable the lights are on.

Enbrighten Commercial Grade LED Cafe Lights suspended from cables

Enbrighten Lights have a hole above each bulb. A metal cable can run through the hole to drape the lights along a tightened metal cable.

Enbrighten Cafe Lights by Jasco with the colors turned on drape between poles by the beach

The Enbrighten Cafe Lights are available to change from white to colors with a remote control.

Enbrighten UColor-Changing LED Cafe Lights run from tree to tree


It looks like they just ran these from tree to tree. There really aren’t enough trees where I am putting mine.

Enbrighten Cafe String Lights to light up a back yard dining area
Attached to a pole, a privacy fence and the roof


We had our lights running along the top of a fence.

Solatec LED String Lights running from the edge of the roof to eye rings on the fence

This is a different idea. Metal eye rings are attached to the privacy fence. String lights run from the roof edge to the fence rings.

Solatec LED String Lights running from the edge of the roof to eye rings on the fence

It looks like the lights are just draped to the eye rings and back.

Brillarlights Multicolor Nautical Fishing Float String Lights attached to the top of a fence

These are really cute. Not a permanent lighting solution, but decorative, really decorative.


Enbrighten Commercial Grade LED String Lights on the edge of a camper awning

My kids have string lights on the awning on their camper. They are solar, so they can use them anywhere, any time.

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