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In Praise of the Outside Wall Sconce

One Easy Fix for Safety, Style and Security

Hinkley Lighting 2572 Harbor Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Hinkley Lighting 2572 Harbor Outdoor Hanging Lantern

The front door—the gateway to your palace, casa, crib—Your Home for pete’s sake! How many hours are spent choosing the perfect color, hardware, doormat even? All with the desire to welcome,impress, and please those who enter. Lighting seems so mundane, practical, necessary… Exactly!

The single pendant light above the front door is inviting. Your needs have been met. Until the evening you hear a knock on the front door. You turn on said pendant light to see “who’s there”. You can see the outline of said door knocker—but not their features. Simply put, you can’t see who it is. You realize you are a victim of inadequate lighting. Continue reading

Gallery of Oriental Landscape Lighting

Oriental Outdoor Lighting & Oriental Landscape Lighting: Photos from Fine Art Lamps Black & White Story Collection, Fine Art Lamps Singapore Moderne Collection, Uttermost  Cantello Bamboo Glass Buffet Lamp,  Fire Farm  Tokyo Table Lamp, Fine Art  Fusion Collection,  Fire Farm Kyoto Ceiling Pendants in 3 Pendant Configuration and more… Continue reading