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How High Should My Chandelier Hang?

hookThere are a lot of opinions about what height your chandelier should hang. Your chandelier is the focal point of your dining room. It should not be too high. If you often move the table and you are afraid people will hit their heads on the chandelier, don’t permanently raise the height of your chandelier. Simply pick up an inexpensive S-Hook or Chain Quick Link at Lowes or Home Depot. When you need it raised, just loop up the chain.

Fine Art Lamps 815940 Chandelier from the Villandry Silver Collection

Fine Art Lamps 815940 Chandelier from the Villandry Silver Collection

“Hang at the right height. The bottom of a chandelier should hit about 30″ (36″ at most) above the tabletop. That brings the light close enough for tasks, clears the view for conversation and avoids unflattering shadows.”
Decorating Dos Womans Day February 2012

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Fine Art Lamps Perspectives Chandelier at 131 Main Restaurant in Biltmore Park Town Square

Fine Art Lamps Perspectives Chandelier 731840 with a unique geometric design. The hand finished Patinated Golden Bronze frame is finished with hand-tailored textured multi-tonal gold organza shades. Energy efficient, using five 15 watt Fluorescent bulbs is standard to 120v or can be converted to 220v. Continue reading

Gallery of Oriental Lighting

Oriental Style Lighting

Oriental Style Lighting can work in a variety of interiors.

 “If you love to travel, or just have a taste for the exotic and unusual, then you will love an Asian interior design style in your home. It’s colorful, relaxed, unique and fun. Best of all, it can be whatever you want it to be…!” Interior Design It Yourself: Styles by Design by Charlotte Brown

Oriental Style Lighting works with a variety of home styles. Stick with a single country and style or  have an overall Asian feel.  Add a Japanese touch to a Modern interior. Add a Singapore Moderne style to a contemporary home.

Fine Art Lamps 233540 Pendant from the Black & White Story Collection

This 32″ wide Oriental Pendant from Fine Art Lamp’s Black & White Story Collection is available in black or white satin lacquer finish surrounding a textured white linen shade.

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