Antler Chandeliers

Jonathan Y Eldora Antler Chandelier
Cast Resin hand finished to look like natural antlers

I overheard a couple in a lighting store super offended about an antler chandelier. It wasn’t even natural antler, it was made from cast resin.

They thought that deer had died to make the chandelier.* They compared it to killing elephants for the ivory. Continue reading

Small Blue and White Plant Pots for Succulents

Small Blue and White Plant Pots

Succulents are really popular right now. You see them all over Pinterest and they are in every magazine. They are easy to grow and come in many variations.

Your friends might even be giving you little pieces of their succulents to poke in soil and grow your own.

So, if you have a sunny spot, all you need is a pot that provides good drainage and you can try growing a cactus, jade plant or sedum of your own. Continue reading

Gzhel Russian Style Blue and White Ceramics

Gzhel Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid

Ceramics have been made in the Russian villages southeast of Moscow around the small town of Gzhel since the 14th century. The pieces are beautiful, with a white background and detailed hand-painted patterns. They are usually blue and white, but may be in other colors. Continue reading

Gold and Silver Koi Bath Collections from Vern Yip for SKL HOME by Saturday Knight Ltd.

Vern Yip Blue Shower Curtain with Gold Koi
Shelf holds Gold Koi Vase, Liquid Soap or Lotion Pump and Toothbrush Holder

Vern Yip’s Koi Bath Collections are available in Gold or Silver. Or you could mix the two. The Gold Koi fabric has a rich blue background. The Silver Koi fabric has the metalic fish printed onto white for a more subtle look that would work with any colors or neutrals. Continue reading

Brighten the Night with Cafe Lights and String Lights

Enbrighten Classic LED Café String Lights run to an outdoor fireplace

We just got some Adirondack chairs and a fire pit to enjoy in back of our new house. Nothing as ambitious as this outdoor fireplace, but I want to do something a little more than the chairs on the grass we have now.

This time of year it stays light really late, but when it gets cool enough to really enjoy our fire pit, it’s going to be really dark back by the brook where I want it.

I am figuring out how to add some light that will look good day and night.

We had string lights for the porch of our log cabin. I used to have to replace them nearly every year until I bought Enbrighten cafe lights. They are still there and still working, but I can’t take them. The cabin is a vacation rental now and people use the lights. Continue reading

The Shangri La Oriental Bath Collection from Vern Yip for SKL HOME by Saturday Knight Ltd.

Vern Yip Shangri La Bath Collection

Vern Yip Shangri La Bath Collection

Vern Yip’s new Shangri La Oriental Bath Collection is primarily black and white, so you can use it with any colors or neutrals. The shower curtain has a large scene, like a detailed transferware landscape of a romanticized oriental scene.

The Shangri La Collection – Beauty of the Orient

Shangri La, a fantasy of the Western world, is known as a mystical, harmonious valley in the Kunlun Mountains of China.

Continue reading