Miniature Track – NSL Brite Strip

NSL Brite Strip can be used as miniature track lighting. It is available in low voltage (12 volt or 24 volt).

This smaller track may be used as

  • Accent lighting
  • Inside cabinets
  • Over countertops
  • Shelves
  • Display cases
  • Wall or ceiling cove lighting
  • Task lighting

Field cuttable strip has molded sockets that can hold two, three and four bulbs or fixtures per foot. Whether you use incandescent, xenon or LED, this system is dimmable. The directional fixtures hold MR11 bulbs.

NSL Brite Strip holds 5 or 10 watt clear or frosted festoon bulbs or fixtures that hold 20 watt MR11 bulbs. Safe remote power supply powers up to 480 watts on a 24 volt system or 240 watts on a 12 volt system.

NSL LED Brite Strip uses 0.5 watt festoon bulbs. Safe 24 volt remote power supply powers up to 180 sockets per LED Driver.

Brite Strip Reflector Extrusion Extrusion with 3M doubled-sided tape applied to back. Ready to mount & attach Brite Strip to. Does not include any Brite Strip or accessories.

Brite Strip Reflector Extrusion

NSL Brite Strip Reflector provides a custom profile and increases light output over 50%. Bright aluminum gives maximum reflected light. Polished brass adds a “golden” tone to reflected light. The anodized aluminum extrusion has a “tru-form” PVC mounting channel to easily snap in Brite Strip.

NSL Brite Strip Fascia Extrusion

NSL Brite Strip Fascia Extrusion

NSL Brite Strip Fascia Extrusion provides a custom profile to shield Rope Light or Brite Strip from view while reflecting light where it is desired. It is available in aluminum, bronze or white finish. It has a “tru-form” PVC mounting channel to easily snap in Brite Strip.

NSL Brite Strip Cove Reflector One-step solution to mounting cove molding and lighting. Ships without double-sided tape as screws or drywall anchors will work better with this reflector. Once you have mounted reflector, just attach Brite Strip, LED Brite Strip, or LED eStrip in the center of pre-engineered reflector section.

NSL Brite Strip Cove Reflector

NSL Brite Strip Cove Reflector is a one-step solution to mounting cove molding and lighting. Just mount the Cove and snap Brite Strip into the “tru-form” PVC mounting channel in the center of the pre-engineered cove reflector.

NSL Brite Strip >
NSL LED Brite Strip >

Pineapple Lighting

Pineapple Lighting

The pineapple has been a decorative motif for centuries.

Charles II Presented with a Pineapple c.1675-80

Charles II Presented with a Pineapple c.1675-80

Charles II Presented with a Pineapple c.1675-80

“Charles II, wearing star of the Garter, stands on a terrace, his left hand on hip. To the left, a man, possibly John Rose, the royal gardener, kneels before him and presents him with what is said to have been the first pineapple grown in England (although at this date it is more likely that the pineapple had been imported). Pineapples in the seventeenth century were rare and highly valued exotic items.”

In colonial times, the pineapple became a symbol of hospitality.

Today, pineapples are a popular motif for lighting, both inside and outside.

Pineapple lights welcome guests to 1898 Waverly Inn, a historic inn in Hendersonville, NC.

Pineapple lights welcome guests to 1898 Waverly Inn, a historic inn in Hendersonville, NC.

Pineapple lights welcome guests to 1898 Waverly Inn, the oldest surviving inn in Hendersonville, NC. The inn was built at one end of Hendersonville’s wide tree-lined streets when guests walked on boardwalks and oil lamps were at the street corners. The pineapple outdoor lanterns represent hospitality as you approach this historic inn.

Coordinating with Traditional Styles like Americana, American Country Style, Colonial Style, Early American, English Country Style, Formal Country Style, Formal Traditional Style and other country styles.

Hinkley Lighting’s ornate Plantation collection features exceptional pineapple-shaped, clear optic glass that makes a noble statement with elaborate, decorative cast detailing. Available in Solid Brass with a Burnished Brass finish or Cast Aluminum with a Pearl Bronze finish. Some pieces are also available in Copper Bronze, Polished Antique Nickel or Pearl Bronze finish with Inside Etched Amber glass. The collection includes small to large chandeliers, wall brackets with glass diffusers or fabric shades, mini-pendants, foyer pendants, downlight dinette pendants, flush ceiling lights and bath lighting.

Hinkley Lighting 4880 Plantation Wall Bracket Sconce

Hinkley Lighting 4880 Plantation Wall Bracket Sconce

Hinkley Lighting 4886 Plantation Chandelier

Hinkley Lighting 4886 Plantation Chandelier

Hinkley Lighting 4889 Plantation 3-Tier Large Chandelier

Hinkley Lighting 4889 Plantation 3-Tier Large Chandelier

Hinkley Lighting 5313 3-Light Bath Bar from thePlantation Bath Collection

Hinkley Lighting 5313 3-Light Bath Bar from the Plantation Bath Collection

The Hinkley Plantation Outdoor Collection beautifully incorporates pineapple-shaped glass with elaborate, decorative cast detailing.
It is available in Solid Brass with a Burnished Brass finish and Clear Optic Glass or Cast Aluminum with Pearl Bronze finish with Inside Etched Amber Glass.

Hinkley Lighting Pineapple Shaped Plantation Outdoor Collection in Pearl Bronze finish has Inside Etched Amber Glass

Hinkley Lighting Pineapple Shaped Plantation Outdoor Collection in Pearl Bronze finish has Inside Etched Amber Glass

Hinkley Lighting Pineapple Shaped Plantation Outdoor Collection of Solid Brass with Copper Bronze finish and Clear Optic Glass.

Hinkley Lighting Pineapple Shaped Plantation Outdoor Collection of Solid Brass with Copper Bronze finish and Clear Optic Glass.

Hinkley Lighting 2120PZ Plantation Outdoor Wall Lantern

Hinkley Lighting 2120PZ Plantation Outdoor Wall Lantern

Ingenious Small Spaces

The Genteel Cottage October 2015 Southern Living

The Genteel Cottage
October 2015 Southern Living

This month’s issue of Traditional home’s cover promised Ingenious Small Spaces and did they deliver!

So many pictures of small houses either look completely impractical, like living in a fussy doll house or a “she shed.” Or they go to the other extreme and look like semi-glorified campers.

In the feature Southern Home – The South’s Best Design & Style Ideas titled The Art of Living Small demonstrates two designers’ ideas on how to live large in a small space.

The Genteel Cottage October 2015 Southern Living

The Genteel Cottage
October 2015 Southern Living

This is the front of the house. Very charming! The kitchen is to the left. The whole house is only 1200 square feet of floor space. This isn’t as tiny as most Tiny Houses, but is a practical size. (Actually, it’s bigger than the log cabin I live in.)

“It was very important to the owners that it was a comfortable, cozy place to be. It was hard not to make it charming too.”
Sam Blount, from Decatur, Mississippi, based in New York City

The dining area, at the top of this page uses two traditional brass wall bracket sconces instead of a chandelier. The banquette gives additional storage. It’s practical and adorable!

The Genteel Cottage October 2015 Southern Living

The Genteel Cottage
October 2015 Southern Living

This is the kitchen. Enough work surfaces, storage and style! I love the small crystal lantern pendant over the sink.

The ideas that Blount recommends are:

  • Symmetry
  • Two rugs instead of one big one or a lot of little ones
  • Limited color palette
  • “Cunning” storage

Antique Reproduction Small Chandeliers

Small scale Antique Reproduction Chandeliers bring elegance to many interior design applications. Use a single small chandelier suspended next to a sofa in place of a table lamp. A Series of small chandeliers can be used over a bar or kitchen island for a more traditional or historic interior.

Antique Reproduction Brackets

Drawn from historic sources, these wall brackets work with a variety of formal or traditional interiors. Look for iron, gold or silver finish in patinaed metal or painted finish.

Antique Style Lanterns

These open lantern style pendants incorporate elements from a variety of historical sources. With antiqued or painted finishes and intricately designed cages, Antique Reproduction Lantern Pendants enhance a foyer or a high ceiling.

Antique Reproduction Small Crystal Chandeliers

Small Crystal Chandeliers in Antique Reproduction style combine historic elements in a small chandelier. Hang a small crystal chandelier over your tub for a sumptuous feminine bath. A small dinette takes on added importance with a beautiful antique style chandellette dressed in crystal.

Contemporary Small Chandeliers

Brushed finishes with sleek design lines are characteristic of this style. Use these small contemporary chandeliers and chandellettes in a variety of applications.

Modern Small Chandeliers

These smaller scale modern chandeliers coordinate with a variety of interiors. Cool and understated. Metal and glass. Industrial components in a domestic setting. Stream-lined, clean. Functional, without ornament or decoration. Simplicity.

Rustic Small Chandeliers

Small, fun whimsical rustic chandeliers for your dinette or other application.

Small Traditional Chandeliers

These smaller traditional chandeliers are true classics. If you fill your home with antiques, these are a good choice. Similar to antique reproduction style chandeliers, this collection is less ornate. They coordinate beautifully with traditional homes.

Traditional Brackets

These wall brackets in metal finishes coordinate beautifully with a traditional, Early American or conservative interior.

Transitional Small Chandeliers

Small Transitional Chandeliers are an ideal choice for a kitchen dinette or an open Floor plan. Easily mixing with many styles, a small transitional chandelier adds light and style to your design.


In Praise of the Outside Wall Sconce

One Easy Fix for Safety, Style and Security

Hinkley Lighting 2572 Harbor Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Hinkley Lighting 2572 Harbor Outdoor Hanging Lantern

The front door—the gateway to your palace, casa, crib—Your Home for pete’s sake! How many hours are spent choosing the perfect color, hardware, doormat even? All with the desire to welcome,impress, and please those who enter. Lighting seems so mundane, practical, necessary… Exactly!

The single pendant light above the front door is inviting. Your needs have been met. Until the evening you hear a knock on the front door. You turn on said pendant light to see “who’s there”. You can see the outline of said door knocker—but not their features. Simply put, you can’t see who it is. You realize you are a victim of inadequate lighting.

The solution is the long lost wall sconce. Placed at the proper height, The wall sconce provides excellent lighting for you to identify your guest. Good outdoor lighting is a major player in home safety.

Hinkley Lighting 2579 Harbor Outdoor Wall Lights

Hinkley Lighting 2579 Harbor Outdoor Wall Lights

The timeless wall sconce also allows you to get your “Van Gough” on in that the choices out there go way beyond the well known carriage light. Dark iron, brick, steely stainless, patinaed copper shaped into receptacles for light; offer unlimited possibilities to provide balance, grace, warmth and security to your home.

Not many things purchased can provided so much for so little. Worth your time to investigate? Definitely!


Jenna Simpson
design42 New Media

Antique Reproduction Outdoor Lighting

These outdoor lights are very special. Antique Reproductions of ornate historic lighting and other outdoor lights to coordinate with a historic style home or to add a beautiful focal point to any home.

Art Deco Outside Lights

This page has a few Art Deco and Craftsman Style outdoor and porch light options. Arts and Crafts Outdoor collections with charming mission-inspired details perfect for your Prairie Style home.

Art Nouveau Outdoor Lights

There’s not much here now, but I am looking for more Art Nouveau Outdoor Lighting to show.

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Contemporary outdoor lighting collections bring clean styling to your outdoor wet location. Enhance the exterior of your home with these unique contemporary designs.

LED Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Architecturally harmonious forms combine with LEDs for effective outdoor lighting. Energy-efficient LEDs meet high style for architectural interest and illumination. Minimalistic and cleverly contemporary options.

Eclectic Outdoor Lights

Not your typical outdoor lighting, these unique choices say a lot about you and your taste. Efficent lighting with unique styling and lots of options.

Modern Outdoor Lights

Linear minimalist designs for the ultimate in urban sophistication. These stunning, modern outdoor collections have robust construction and clean lines.

Nautical Outdoor Lights

Inspired by the nautical lanterns sailors used, these outdoor lights have the appearance of oil lamps with the quality to stand up to a variety of settings. Onion lights are available in a variety of painted and metal finishes, including natural copper. From traditional favorites to contemporary updates of these marine designs.

Bulkheads: Outdoor Wall & Ceiling Lights

Bulkheads are versatile durable lights used in industrial or marine environments. They can be used on walls or ceilings. Architects and designers use these to indoors and outdoors to coordinate with a nautical inspired interior or to add a fun feel.

Rustic Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting for your lodge or cabin. Or just add that rustic log home feeling to any home. The pine cones and pineneedles of Avalanch Ranch and Kalco Collections are classic. Avalanche Ranch’s Trout Outdoor Collection is perfect for your lake house. Kichler’s Hatteras Bay Collection, inspired by classic industrial lighting coordinate with rustic, urban or coastal interiors.

Traditional Outdoor Lanterns, Pendants & Postlights

Pineapple’s the traditional symbol of hospitality are beautifully realized in the Hinkley Plantation Collections. The historical design of Quoizel’s Carleton outdoor fixtures bring a handsome colonial appeal to your home. Trellis by Hinkley Lighting is a collection of traditional European-style lanterns designed in a Regency Bronze finish with dense clear seedy glass.

Transitional Outdoor Lights

Transitional lighting splits the difference. A good choice for nearly any location, these outdoor lights are a twist on traditional. Quoizel’s Carson outdoor collection is a classic design that will maintain its beauty for many years. This clean design of Quoizel’s Harmony Collection has minimal ornamentation and and pure lines, giving it a peaceful, Zen-like appeal.

Access Modern & Contemporary Wet Location Outdoor Lighting

Competitively priced modern and contemporary outdoor lighting from Access. High Effficiency LED and other light sources. Black, Brushed Silver, Stainless Steel, Bronze or Satin Chrome finishes.

Besa Outdoor Wall Sconces

Blown glass wall sconces rated for wet or damp location are a perfect complement to contemporary architectural features in today’s buildings and homes. Incandescent or fluorescent options are available. The diffusers are created by European craftsman, skilled in the art of glass fabrication. The painted finishes are applied by hand and are durable enough to withstand most exterior uses.

Besa Outdoor Costaluz Lighting for Extreme Environments

The Costaluz product line has been developed to meet the needs of coastal outdoor areas, while also delivering elegant designs at an affordable price. Most lighting cannot reliably withstand these difficult environments, where the salt air can quickly age the appearance.

Besa Outdoor Stainless Steel Wall Sconces

When it comes to curb appeal, outdoor lighting plays a large part in creating a special ambiance. This collection of slim profile ADA compliant wall brackets is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Incandescent and compact Fluorescent options are available.

Eurofase Airy Bulkheads, Outdoor Sconces, Flush Ceiling Lights & Bollards

Classic light fixtures in residential or tertiary buildings, always popular thanks to universal design and wide range that offers the best solution to any requirement. The Garden Bollard, 1-Light Post is ideal for installation in parks and gardens. The die-cast aluminum structure makes it the perfect solution in harsh weather conditions.

Wave Lighting Non-Corrosive Outdoor Lighting

Wave Lighting specializes in the new technologies and designs in non-metallic, non-corrosive outdoor lighting. They are a the low cost provider of Residential and Commercial outdoor lamp posts, accessories and other outdoor lighting. EverStone is a proprietary compression molded nonmetallic composite material that, when formed into our patented designs, provides a level of beauty and non-corrosive durability that is unavailable in traditional metallic lighting fixtures.

Justice Design Ambiance Ceramic Outdoor Wall Sconces

Justice Design Group’s ceramic collection features hand-cast, hand-textured and hand-finished ceramic fixtures which can create a mood, complement a theme, or simply add the perfect accent. Some sconces shown on this page are rated for for indoor or outdoor damp location use. Others are rated for Wet location with Patented Socket Shelter.

Justice Design Ambiance Ceramic Windows Outdoor Wall Sconces

Justice Design Group’s hand made ceramic fixtures with panels filled with white styrene or natural mica. Available in up to 30 hand-painted finishes, as well as unfinished ceramic bisque which is paintable Rated for Wet location with Patented Socket Shelter.

Pendants – “Jewelry for the Room”


All Eyes on the Lights
“Pendants over the counter or island are a beautiful place for your eye to linger when you’re looking into the kitchen. They also act as a decoy, drawing your eye up and away from the clutter! Group three together – a large pendant adds balance and drama. Think of it as jewelry for the room!”

Libby Langdon
Designer, Author, and Today Show Contributor
The Experts
House Beautiful October 2015


Small Contemporary Pendants (7″ to 17″)

These small contemporary pendants can be used in place of a table lamp for living area lighting, used over a dinette table or in a series over a bar or dining table. Find pendants on this page from Fire Farm, Van Teal, Uttermost, Fine Art Lamps, Studio Italia Design, Terzani, Quoizel, PLC, Kalco, World Imports, Leucos, Eurofase, Access, Leucos, Illuminating Experiences, Holtkotter, Crystorama and more.

Mid Sized Contemporary Pendants (17″ to 24″)

Medium sized contemporary pendants, from 17″ to 24″ for lighting your contemporary home. In an open floor plan, lighting an area creates a pool of light to separate this area from the larger room.

Mid Sized Contemporary Pendants (24″ to 30″)

These larger medium sized contemporary pendants, from 24″ to 30″ are an excellent choice for your entry, dining area or to provide ambient light in an open floor plan or living room.

Chandeliers – Not Just for the Dining Room

Chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room. Hanging a chandelier in a living room or great room is a great way to express your personal style.

“You can have a big, bold chandelier in a small room if you choose the right one. An all-glass or thin-frame chandelier is striking without taking up a lot of visual space.”
HGTV Design Star judge Vern Yip, HGTV Magazine

Allegri 022951 Anastagio Crystal Pendant

Contemporary Crystal adds  cool elegant style. This chandelier pendant has 4 bright 50 watt GU10s that reflect and refract off the suspended crystal sculpture. It feels almost like an art installation, while lighting your room. It is 20″ at it’s widest.


Crystorama 9225 Solaris Orb Chandelier

Crystorama’s Solaris Collection has orb pendants in three sizes. They make an incredible impact in a modern, contemporary or transitional space. This one is 12″ wide. It also comes 22″ and 28″ wide. Don’t be afraid to use something larger!


Artemide Cabildo Suspension #1192018

This high-style room has Artemide’s Cabildo Pendant, Wall Bracket Sconce and Floor Lamp. What an impact! The pendant is cable suspended light for indirect and diffused halogen lighting. It is made of  die-cast aluminum in painted white finish with a specular aluminum reflector and lamp concealed in the inner curve of the structure.


Hinkley Lighting FR42344PCM Chandelier from the Cameron Collection by Fredrick Raymond

Hinkley Lighting’s Cameron Collection, designed by Fredrick Raymond, has a transitional design featuring strong modern arms of a rich dark solid wood veneer. The stem hung collection has a bold tapered four sided center column detailed by crisp chrome accents. Elegant textured fabric shades in silver tones add feminine sophistication. The collection includes 3-arm and 4- arm chandeliers, pendant, mini-pendant, a bold wall bracket sconce and a semi-flush ceiling light.

Rustic Ceiling Fans

These Rustic style ceiling fans coordinate with your cabin style interior or add an instant rustic feeling to any home.

Monte Carlo 52″ Great Lodge Rustic Ceiling Fan

The Great Lodge Collection
Create a Rustic Retreat in any Room Breathe deep. Imagine the fragrance of fresh pine. The look of rough hewn pine logs and pine cone accents create a quiet retreat.


Monte Carlo 5GL52WI shown in Weathered Iron finish with Lodge Pine Blades with MC116 Antler Light Kit and Antler Scroll Kit MC99
Monte Carlo’s Antler Scroll Kit install on top of a ceiling fan canopy when using 12″ or longer downrod.

Monte Carlo 5DOR52WI 52 inch Durango Rustic Fan

Ceiling fan with rustic detailing. The look of tooled leather cowboy boots and silver belt buckles.

MC138WI-L Weathered Iron Light Kit


Industry Ceiling Fan
from The Modern Fan Company

Industry Ceiling Fan from The Modern Fan Company is available with 42″ or 52″ blade spans


More Rustic Ceiling Fans >

Kichler Design Pro LED 12V Hardscape Deck, Step and Bench Landscape Lighting

Kichler Design Pro LED 12V Hardscape
Deck, Step and Bench Landscape Lighting

Discover LED like you’ve never seen it.

Unique Hardscape LED light fixtures that are:

  • Available in multiple Kelvin Temperature options; warm white 2700K, pure white 3000K and cool white 4200K
  • Available in 1, 3, 6, and 9 LED fixtures
  • Long-life LED light source – 40,000 hours at industry standard L70
  • Tested to withstand the elements for years of enjoyment
  • Easy to install
  • Easily adapts to almost any hardscape, deck, step or bench application

Finishes compliment popular stone and decking options:

Metal Finishes
Unfinished Copper Plated Brass (CO)
Copper will naturally patina over time.
Bronzed Brass (BBR)
Cast Brass with Bronzed finish.
Marine Grade Powder Coat Finishes Cast Aluminum
Textured Architectural Bronze (AZT) Gray (GRY)
Sand (SD) Textured White (WHT)

Multiple Kelvin Temperature

Maximum Flexibility

Easy installation, low voltage usage, low profile (.66″ wide) and low heat output of Design Pro LED enables them to be used in a variety of outdoor applications.

  • Retaining walls of all types – new and existing construction
  • Brick or stone columns
  • Under all types of steps, including wood, composite, stone and brick, etc. with and without risers
  • Under deck and chair/hand and fence rails
  • Lips or the undersides of a wide variety of outdoor surfaces
  • Pergolas
  • Outdoor kitchen and bar areas (under lips and toe kicks)
  • Raised beds/planters
  • Boat docks (as permitted by local codes)
  • Customize illumination by mounting farther back, for a scalloped effect, or forward for a more even effect.

Kichler Design Pro LED 12V Hardscape >
Deck, Step and Bench Landscape Lighting

Kitchen Lighting – Is your kitchen bright enough?

Is your kitchen bright enough?

“Many older kitchens aren’t bright enough after the sun goes down. The most pleasant kitchen lighting comes from several sources. Lighting designers classify kitchen lighting as either task lighting, general – or ambient lighting – lighting, or accent lighting. That doesn’t mean you need three different types of fixtures; many light fixtures can handle more than one lighting job at a time.”

The Kitchen Idea Book, Joanne Kellar Bouknight

This is my kitchen. It’s a tiny little kitchen, but I still have a ceiling light over the sink, light and vent from microwave over stove, undercabinet lighting in the corner, so I can measure coffee in the morning, a lighted ceiling fan, light from the window and the sky light and the three pendants over the bar.

My Kitchen

My Kitchen

Count the types of lighting in this kitchen from Better Homes and Gardens December 2014/January 2015 issue.

Better Homes and Gardens December 2014/January 2015

Better Homes and Gardens December 2014/January 2015

There’s plenty of natural light from all of the windows. Then there’s the goose neck fixture over the sink, a pendant over the bar and a series of mini pendants over the banquette.

Country Living December 2014

Country Living December 2014

This kitchen from Country Living’s December 2014 issue has lots of bright sunlight. A salvaged window frame is used instead of curtains. A mini chandelier is hung over the sink and track lighting illuminates the entire small kitchen.

A mini chandelier is hung over the sink

A mini chandelier is hung over the sink.

track lighting illuminates the entire small kitchen.

Track lighting illuminates the entire small kitchen.

Guidelines for Lighting the Kitchen

Guidelines for Lighting the Kitchen

This graph from The Kitchen Idea Book by Joanne Kellar Bouknight demonstrates Guidelines for Lighting the Kitchen.
(This whole book is an excellent resource!)

  • In-cabinet can be handled by low voltage puck lights or strings of tiny bulbs.
  • To avoid shadows on work surface, place ceiling task lighting fixtures no more than 12” from cabinets or 28” from wall.
  • A cleanup sink requires lots of light. Here, two 75-watt recessed incandescents do the job.
  • A pendant light over an island provides both general and task lighting.
  • An accent light illuminates objects or a wall.
  • Where there are no wall cabinets, put task lighting in ceiling, a lowered soffit (as shown here), on tracks, or on the wall itself.
  • Place under-cabinet lighting close to front edge of cabinet to conceal the fixture and cause less glare in countertop.
  • Task lights can be continuous or placed about 12” on center.
  • General lighting can be provided by recessed or ceiling mounted fixtures, track lighting, pendants, or low voltage cable lights.
  • Range hoods require built-in or added lighting.

Kitchen Lighting, Cabinet Lights, Under Counter, Task   Lighting

Kichler LED Discs Kichler LED Discs
Sleek, practically invisible and versatile Kichler LED Discs have advanced technology, superior optics and a pure, even light all packed into an untra thin 3/8″ profile. Simple, versatile installation included. Z-Wave Technology allows your home electronics to talk to each other, and to you, via remote control.
LED Mini Star 2 Lighting LED Mini Star 2 Lighting
Available as single fixtures or kits, these die cast aluminum ultra-thin square, LED surface mount LED are ideal for under-cabinet, in-cabinet or display light uses only They put out 3.26 watts per fixture.
Kichler Dimmable LED Kichler Dimmable LED
Design Pro LED Direct Wire offers trouble-free, energy efficient operation along with the simple installation of a self-contained unit. The dimmable version is designed and tested to work with a wide variety of dimming switches for a true range of light level control. Kichler Design Pro LED Direct Wire delivers high-tech LED at a value. It’s proof that unprecedented long life, unmatched energy savings and beautiful light don’t have to break the bank.
Kichler Modular LED Kichler Modular LED
This remarkably sleek unit tucks cleanly under the cabinets. so all you see is warm white light. The ultimate in energy savings and 40,000 hours of life; unprecedented when compared with alternatives such as fluorescent and xenon. Efficient for builders, remodelers and other professionals looking to build today’s residential and commercial structures with products that are Energy Star qualified and can support LEEDs certification and National Green Building Standards.
NSL LED Hard Strip NSL LED Hard Strip
LED Hard Strips Series combines high output LED’s in a unique linkable extrusion ideal for under cabinet, showcases, and incabinet applications. LED Hard Strips is available in three sizes, three color temperatures (WW-3000K, NW-4200K, and CW-6200K) and RGB. Four mounting options provide a seamless even distribution of light delivering outstanding light output and low power consumption. LED Hard Strip is dimmable when powered by appropriate LED driver or dimming device.
NSL Xenon Task Lights
Self-contained, complete Xenon surface mount 120VAC under-cabinet light uses 18 watt wedge base Xenon bulbs in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 light fixtures. 12V transformer is built into each fixture. Hardwire can be parallel wired (“daisy chained”) up to 1188 watts (66 bulbs). White, Bronze, Black or Aluminum finished fixture with numerous knockouts and frosted glass lens with low-profile release hinged to aluminum frame; easy to install hardwire or with optional power cord. ETL Listed for damp locations. Hi/Lo switch, Dimmable!
Track Lighting & Track Kits Track Lighting & Track Kits
Ceiling mounted track lighting with adjustable spotlight fixtures and pendants are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial use. There are an unbelievable variety of attractive and functional fixures available.Track lights make it easy to make changes in your lighting. You can mix pendants and track heads to direct light on specific areas.
Antique Reproduction Mini Pendants Antique Reproduction Mini Pendants
Smaller Pendants in Antique Reproduction style combine historic elements in diffused down-light. Hang a small pendant over your kitchen sink to coordinate with your chandelier. Hang a Series of Antique Reproduction Mini Pendants over your bar, kitchen island or long dining table.
Art Nouveau Mini Pendants Art Nouveau Mini Pendants
Art Nouveau and vintage Italian Tole style mini drop pendants are perfect for a shabby chic interior. These unusual small pendants can be used alone or in a series. They are a focal point however they are used.
Contemporary Mini Pendants (Up to 7 inches) Contemporary Mini Pendants (Up to 7″)
Less is more. Brushed finishes with sleek design lines are characteristic of this style. These mini pendants coordinate with your Contemporary, Eames or Post-Modern Style interior. Use these small contemporary pendants alone or use a series of them over a bar or island.
Modern Mini Pendants Modern Mini Pendants
Modern Mini Pendants bring brushed steel, chrome and glass to a modern interior. Combining form and function, these small pendants can be used alone to fit a small room or area or collectively to light a bar or island.
Eclectic Mini Pendants Eclectic Mini Pendants
Eclectic style draws from a variety of sources. If you are looking for something surprising and different, these are the pendants for you.
Rustic Mini Pendants Rustic Mini Pendants
These small pendants include hand-forged iron branches climb, twisting around artisan glass or natural materials. Pendants using rustic materials and finishes are selected for this page to coordinate with Adirondack Style, Lodge Style or fit into your log cabin.
Pot Racks & Lighted Pot Racks Pot Racks & Lighted Pot Racks
This collection of potracks and lighted potracks has the perfect choice for your interior. Keep your pots and pans where you can find them. Some of these even offer a combination of lighting and storage! Available in any a variety of metal or painted finishes with glass or shade options, these pendants beautifully add light and storage to your kitchen.
Clearance Pool Table & Island Pendants
This page has a constantly changing assortment of pool table lights and island pendants at clearance prices. These items move fast, so if you see something you like, call right away.
Art Deco, Art Nouveau & Eclectic Pool Table Lights & Island Pendants
Taking inspiration from historic sources or new eclectic concepts in lighting, these pool table lights and island pendants are far from ordinary.
Contemporary Pool table or Island Lights Contemporary Pool Table or Island Lights
These linear pendants are suitable for lighting a pool table, bar or island. Brushed finishes with sleek design lines make this style work with almost any interior.
Modern Island Lights
These linear pendants light a pool table or add functional light for an island, bar or Table without giving up utilitarian functionality for clean aesthetics.
Rustic Island Pendants
Rustic pendants and pool table lights for your log cabin or lodge or to add a rustic feel to any home.
Contemporary Island Chandeliers Contemporary Island Oval Chandeliers
Contemporary Island Chandeliers are oval in shape. They are ideal for over an island or a long dining room table.

10 Tips for an Organized Office

This is the time of year we all want to get organized. An organized desk is the first step to organized paperwork.

  1. Minimize Papers
    Don’t print it unless you need to. Go through the mail as it comes in and immediately toss or shred anything that does not need action. (Put the catalogs in the bathroom.)
  2. Have an Inbox
    Whether it is a place on your desk that is reserved for incoming papers or a wall pocket near the desk, have one single place so they don’t scatter all over the desk.
  3. Have a Trash Can or Shredder
    Make sure you don’t have to get up or try to toss your papers into the trash.
  4. Have a To-File Box
    Rather than make a heap on your desk of items waiting to be filed, have a single file box under the desk that you can put items in. They’re still convenient if you need them immediately. File them correctly eventually.
  5. Have a Pencil Cup (Or a segregated spot in the drawer)
    Take all of those pens, pencils and highlighters out of the drawer, make sure they write, sharpen the pencils and put them in something easy to reach. (Throw it away if it doesn’t write.)
  6. Have Good Lighting
    Make sure you are not working in your own shadow. An adjustable desk lamp , floor lamp or swing arm wall lamp is a great investment that will pay you back with more efficiency and less eyestrain.
  7. Use the Room
    If you need it close, but aren’t going to use it soon, get it off the desk. Stack it on shelves. Put it in a box. Or rethink it. You may just want to file it, shred it or donate it. Give it a little time and nearly everything isn’t worth keeping on the desk or in the office any more.
  8. Get Rid of Clutter
    Move the family photos and knickknacks to somewhere else in the room.
  9. Schedule Tidying Your Desk
    Pick a time every week to lift and dust, wipe down keyboards and throw away all those little things that accumulate.
  10. Use Hold Time
    Any time you are sitting on hold, put it on speaker phone and make use of the time. Sort your Inbox. Or stand up and do a couple of exercises like High Knee Lifts or with Arm Circles.

“Now’s the time to carve out a spot for paperwork, scheduling and similar tasks. ‘When it comes to home offices, neutral walls, simple patterns and streamlined furnishings create a calm and inviting feeling,’ says interior designer and blogger Danielle Oakey. Proper lighting is another must. Place your desk near a window for sunlight, if possible and add a task lamp for extra brightness. Oakey also suggests movable furniture-a comfortable chair on casters, a rolling cabinet-which allows for flexibility in small areas.”

Style at Work Family Circle January 2014


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