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Search Tricks

  • Search for an exact match.
    Use quotes to search for an exact phrase in the exact order.
    Example: “Nickel Orb Chandelier” or Nickel “Orb Chandelier”
  • Combine searches.
    Put “OR” between each word you are searching.
    Example: chandelier OR pendant
  • Leave a placeholder.
    Use an asterisk within quotes if you aren’t sure of the word.
    Example: “Orb Chandelier * Bronze”
  • Exclude a word from your search.
    Use a minus sign if you don’t want results that include a word.
    This works with or without the quotes.
    Example: Nickel Orb Chandelier –brass or “Nickel Orb Chandelier -brass”
  • Search by images.
    Click the tab Image to see thumbnails of images that are near the words you have searched for.